A cooperation

We are not against any kind of cooperation our main principles are honesty and fairness.

Petra Praumová, the goldsmith, designer and owner of the Goldsmith house, is popular in the goldsmith sphere especially for her professionality, world knowledge and innovative ideas.She earns her knowledge all around the world. She learns from the literature and prominent foreign goldsmiths. She loves working with antique jewels and rare precious stones.

Mrs. Praumová spends most of her time with customers while working in her goldsmith atelier, where she designs and prepares models. On the contrary, her husband, as a thorough clockmaker and technically focused jeweler, spends all his time in workshops.

Do you want to collaborate with Praum spouses?
Do not hesitate and contact the Goldsmith house. (+420 775 209 020)

A cooperation

We also collaborate with companies, which want to lower their tax base.
If a company dispose of business property, as are realties, machines, vehicles, etc., they naturally look around for alternative ways of investment with permanent increase. This is exactly what precious metal, stone or jewel investment is. These commodities are tax deductible and therefore profitable for every company that wants to lower its tax base.

We understand that every company has different possibilities of investments and write-offs and that’s why we offer free not binding consultations and counseling. In case of being interested, contact our Goldsmith house.

(+420 775 20 90 20, praum@foxstore.cz)

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