About diamonds

The most famous and most used precious stone in jewelry is definitely diamond. Its name comes from Greek and means indestructible. It belongs to the nature’s hardest natural minerals, it is crystalline form of carbon (C) and it is the only precious stone that occurs in all color variants, the most common is white.

A diamond profile

Natural diamonds are mined in industrial surface mines. The oldest finding places are in India, Brazil, Russia and South America. Among the most significant world finding places in present day are Australia, Namibia, Botswana, Canada, Russia, Angola and South African Republic. Diamond was found twice in Czech Republic – in Dlažkovice in Ústecký region and in Chrášťany u Prahy.

However, there are also artificial diamonds, called synthetic, which are produced by special methods.
When considering diamonds, there are 4 main criterions called 4 CCarat, Color, Clarity and Cut.

The first criterion is the weight of a diamond and is given in carats (ct). One carat is equal to 0,2 g, a diamond that weights 1g has 5 ct.

The weight of a diamond
The second criterion is the color. Color of the diamond is dependent on its structure. The perfect diamond is utterly clear without any coloring. Diamonds occur with coloring of yellow and brown, but also pink, red or blue. The color of diamonds is labeled with letters of the alphabet from D to Z. The farter the letter stands in alphabet, the more colored the stone is. The color of the diamond significantly affects its price. Diamonds can also be artificially colored or bleached. Changes like these must be marked on the certificate of given stone.

The color of a diamond

The third criterion is the clarity of a diamond. That means the degree of inner impurity of diamonds, called inclusions. Only diamonds with high clarity can be used in jewelry. These diamonds make around 20 % of all mined diamonds in present day, the rest is used in industrial production as a cutting or grinding tool.

The clarity of a diamond

The fourth criterion of diamond evaluation is their cut. Rough stones are grinded and polished. Grinding of diamonds is a jewelry activity, in which rough stone is worked until it becomes precious stone that can be put in a jewel. In jewelry, brilliant cut is the most often used one. This cut is known since the year 1910. Brilliant has in total 56 surfaces, 32 upper and 24 lowerAs the true brilliant should only be marked round diamond with this cut.

A brilliant cut

In jewelry are of course used substitutes of brilliants too. These are most often cubic zircons with brilliant cut or synthetic diamonds, which we call Moissanits. For a layman eye, the distinction from a real diamond is hardly recognizable. The big difference is however in its price.

In Goldsmith house, we put diamonds in earrings, pendants, bracelets, but mostly in engagement and wedding rings. In those jewels, that decorates us every day, is diamond investment definitely recommended. A diamond doesn’t wear out, even after years of everyday usage, and will still keep its unmistakable gloss. Besides that, every woman wishes she could wear beautiful ring with a real diamond on her ring finger.

A diamond ring

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