About sapphires

Sapphires are very popular precious stones in jewelry. They belong to the hardest stones in the world, they reach number 9 on Mohs scale and along with emerald and ruby make up so called “big three”. They are the second most rare and valuable precious stones after diamonds.

Sapphire is a species of mineral called corundum, it earned its name from Hebrew Sappire, which means blue.

It is the blue color with which we associate these stones most often, although we can encounter even yellow, pink, green and violet ones.


There is wide spectrum of hues for blue sapphires too. Some natural stones have less intense color and they are modified with annealing - modify like this makes colors highlighted.

The oval sapphire

However, naturally intense sapphires are much more valuable. Besides blue sapphires, the most valuable are Padparascha sapphires, which are salmon red. The name Padparascha means lotus bloom. If these stones have more than one carat, they are considered investment stones. The main finding place of these precious stones is Sri Lanka.

Another finding place of natural sapphires is located in Thailand, Laos, Australia, India or on Madagascar.

Equally to their wide range of colors, sapphires have wide range of shapes too. The most valuable are the oval ones. Other common shapes are fancy and emerald grindstone. Less quality sapphires occur mostly in kaboshon shape.

A grindstone of sapphire


Thanks to their unique features, as is e.g. high hardness and immunity towards high temperatures, are sapphires used in industry. For these purposes are used artificially fabricated stones. In ordinary life, we can see them e.g. on watches glass or telephone displays.

Here in Goldsmith house, sapphires are one of our most favorite stones. Light sapphires (pink, yellow) are mostly put in golden engagement rings. Blue stones are mostly used as an ornament for rings and earrings. A jewel with blue sapphire can be a great gift and acknowledgment for birth of a boy, pink stone on the other hand will please recent mother of a girl.

A ring with sapphire

 We have huge selection of sapphires of many colors and shapes in Goldsmith house. If you desire for a unique jewel with rare precious stone, don’t hesitate, we will help you make your dream come true. :)

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