How to choose your engagement ring properly?

How to choose your engagement ring properly?

Determine the height of your ring investment. Be sure to have real stones on your engagement ring, such as are diamonds, sapphires, garnets, topazes, rubies, zoisites or aquamarines.

Prices of engagement rings with natural stones move from 3 999,- Kč with VAT up to 1 million Kč.

An engagement ring - yellow gold, diamond

4 main rules when choosing an engagement ring:

1) Precious stones must have 4C certificate (clarity, color, cut, carat).
2) The size of the ring must be fitting for the ring finger of the left hand. If you don’t choose the correct size, we will modify it for free.
3) The ring must contain information about metal purity, hallmark and information about manufacturer (in our case registered brand FOX).
4) Both good sellers and manufacturers should provide jewel service.
An engagement ring - pink gold, diamond

A few pieces of advice on top

You definitely can’t forget the agreement of father of your upcoming fiancée.

The engagement ring should be chosen according to taste of your fiancée’s.

According to tradition, the price of engagement ring should be equal to double or triple of fiancé’s month salary. Although women don’t care about money, properly chosen ring will provide the right information about every woman’s chosen one. Are you going to save money or try and do your best…?

With women it means more than just a manifest of material prosperity, it is primarily a psychological phenomenon and a feeling of safety.

An engagement ring - yellow gold, central brilliant

Your wife deserves the feeling of certainty so show her that not only her but also your future family will be secured.
As a man, you demonstrate that you are willing to be with your chosen one forever.

An engagement ring - white gold, diamonds

By choosing the right engagement ring, you are purchasing the very first common investment that will certainly pay off in the future.

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