Investment – personal experience


We would like to share our longtime experiences with precious metal and stone investment with you. In November 2015, we were in lack of crude pure gold 999/1000. Production was in full pre-Christmas swing and we immediately needed material. If we had had to wait for our Swiss supplier Argor delivery, we wouldn’t have made several jewels on time for under-the-tree present opening. So, we had to make a quick decision and we bought investment goldbricks of total weight of 1000 g from Czech supplier – Czech mint and Auricom company.
And now it begins…
We bought those bricks in November 2015 for total of 840 000 crowns. Two years later, we were buying again, this time several 1000g and 2500g goldbricks. At the end of the year 2017, with the distinction of two years, while which the Czech Republic economy increased to most positive numbers and so commodities as is gold should be the cheapest, their price ascended on 960 000 crowns for 1000 g of gold. The price of 2500g goldbricks ascended as well. So the increase of gold value is 120 000 crowns for 1 kg of gold in one year.

graf hodnoty zlata

Our own personal experience is a clear proof, that even in times of the most favorable economic conditions, the price of precious metals and stones is always increasing – in the worst case at least 5 % a year.

This is the reality that stands against theoretical predictions of a stock market.

If you buy investment metals or stones today (and they are in the Czech Republic the most accessible in the last 8 years), we guarantee that in 3 years, their price will be at least 15 % higher.

Additional information about precious stone investment can be found on the telephone number +420 775209020 or on the e-mail

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