Investment, saving and liquidity

The precious metal and stone investment is in present day very favorite not only for companies but for the general public too.

One of the best investments is dividing your free funds into precious metals, stones and jewels.

Are you hesitating with investment?

We would like to share our long-term experiences with precious metal and stone investment.

The liquidity and investment jewels

In our workshops we also pay attention to investment jewel production

An investment by a jewel purchasing

The luxury jewel investment has definitely many advantages when compared with golden ingots. Primarily it is a higher liquidity thanks to an easy transport and following monetization abroad.

In present day, investment metal can be purchased anywhere, but it cannot be transported abroad because of regulation. Investment jewel, on the other hand, can be put on and you can depart just anywhere.

In the Goldsmith house, we offer several physical investment products. The reason for the commodity purchase depends only on you. As the only one in wide distance, we offer custom investment jewel production to our clients (the 21 % of VAT doesn’t apply here).

A jewel investment in the form of saving

An interesting alternative is also jewel investment in the form of saving. Together, we will design a jewel collection, which you will gradually buy in the form of saved money. The main advantage is the guaranteed price of gold and stones, which is set right in the beginning, and the following bonus in the form of an increasing price.

Are you interested in an investment jewel, but don’t want to touch your financial savings? We can also offer a classic precious metal investment to you. You will save up each month and a finished investment jewel will be ready with every given amount. Again, with a guaranteed price in the beginning of saving and the certainty that in the end the jewel will have several times higher price. At the same time, we guarantee a reverse liquidity in the necessity of sale.

The jewel saving is nothing brand new. For centuries, emperors, kings and aristocrats invested up to half of their whole property into diamonds, sapphires or rubies. In the Goldsmith house, we made sure several times, that jewel saving is growing more and more popular and we are glad that Czech clients also understand how profitable an investment jewel purchase is.

The possibility of jewel safe deposition

We also provide our clients with safe depository of investment jewels in an underground vault. We are insured for 1 million euros in the ČSOB bank.

The buyout and sale of precious metals

We buy up for the best prices in the Czech Republic

Because we both process and alloy precious metals, we don’t care about the time of buyout or sale, whether it is for the need of jewel production or for investment. We must produce all the time, regardless of whether the gold price is increasing or decreasing. Many clients will therefore find there the best buyout prices in the Czech Republic.

What to be careful about investment?

Do you want to invest without risking? Then be wary when choosing the dealer. The Czech national bank doesn’t have any statutes for precious metal business and so may happen that you will encounter some dubious dealer, who will bargain several hundreds of saving for an uncovered golden brick and won’t be able to pay you off afterwards.

For precious metal investment in Czech Republic, you can use companies Golden Gate, Trust Worthy, Safina, Zlaťák or Gold Mint.

Do you consider a precious metal investment? Contact us and we will gladly help you with everything for free.
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