Petra Praumová, the goldsmith

Petra Praumová, the goldsmith
Jeweler since 1993

“Pilsen Cartier” so is Petra Praumová, goldsmith, designer and precious stone expert, sometimes called by clients from both Czech Republic and abroad.

Petra was born in Pilsen and was interested in art, design and draftsmanship since her childhood. As a child, she was hitting first places in art and painting competitions and when she was 20, she had a clear vision of becoming a jewel designer. She successfully completed goldsmith and jeweler college in Prague. She is a jeweler since the year 1993.

Since the year 1993, she is also participating on the world jewel and art exhibitions all around the world – in Paris, Hong Kong, Milan or Dubai. Here she encounters the most important experts of gemology, design and production fields.

She regularly visits the most famous jewelry houses in the world, as is Cartier, Bvlgari, Shopard or Tiffany and Co.

Prsten navržen zlatnicí a designérkou Petrou Praumovou podle prstenu princezny Kate Middleton

She utilizes her worldwide contacts. She chooses only the best precious stones for her job (as are diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, tanzanites, pearls, tourmalines, garnets, etc.). She constantly develops working relationships with key clients.

She found the depth of eternity in natural stones and diamonds literally took her breath. She believes, that every natural stone has its own unique energy.

The path for the dream certainly wasn’t easy. She works up to 14 hours a day. She systematically learns and discovers new innovative possibilities. She dedicates all her free time to the jewelry sphere. Part of her work success also falls on her loyal team of experts, without whom she would never achieve similar results, as she claims.

A ring designed by Petra Praumová, goldsmith and designer

Today, Petra Pramuová is the synonym for a design and a jewel creation.

She can be proud of the jewels from the national gem museum, which she successfully restored. She had jewels from both the stone and bronze age in her hands. She is an expert in the field of old jewel artifacts.

Her clients also know her from Czech television (ČT24), where she spoke several times as an expert, while shooting a document about natural stones and historic jewels.

A gold ring with tanzanite

She designs family investment jewels for her clients with the bottom price of 1 000 €. She restores jewels that are inherited from generation to generation. She creates jewels for clients from all around the world for astonishing prices. She has a talent to foresee and receive trends in the field of precious stones and investment metals.

In the year 2010, the goldsmith Petra Praumová opened her own four-story Goldsmith house, which is opened for public today.

The Goldsmith house

In the Goldsmith house, clients will find services of most distinguished kinds of different professions as is a faseter, goldsmith, clockmaker, engraver, laboratory, chemic, graphic, toolmaker, designer, grinder, molder, antique dealer and gemologist.

If you consider visiting Petra Paumová’s Goldsmith house as a new client, you will be nicely surprised. The kind surroundings, professional attitude and great prices will certainly make an impact.

The goldsmith and designer Petra Praumová draws a jewel

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