Services, repairs, service – of gold, silver and precious stones

In the Goldsmith house, we offer:

3D design in the Goldsmith house

a form production for molten jewels,
a casting of jewels according to your exemplar or design,
an engraving of a text, your own pictures or photographs,
an alloying of precious metals,
a faseting of your stones,
a coin production,
a casting of customized investment bricks,
a cold welding of micro materials (gold, silver, steel),

A production of pearl jewels in the Goldsmith house

repairs and adjustments of jewels,
a complete counseling for free,
a design of a jewel in the 3D program Storm,
a stone grinding,
micro engravings and cut shapes,
gilding, galvanization, silvering, rhodium flashing,
an old jewel reconstruction, 

A jewel reconstruction in the Goldsmith house

gilding with pure sliced gold,
a micro laser welding,
a chemical analysis of gold or silver,
a spectrometer analysis of gold or silver,

A precious stone analysis in the Goldsmith house

a precious stone analysis,
an electrical analysis of diamonds,
an electrical analysis of moissanites,
a platinum, gold or silver melting with electric arc in the forge,
saving in gold, silver, diamonds and other precious stones.

A novelty!

We expanded our services on a jewelry nanotechnology.

Goldsmith price list

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