St Valentine’s Day

This day divides people into two groups in long term. One of them is completely cold about St Valentine’s Day and they consider it just another commercial holiday, the others on the contrary the feast of all in love welcome and celebrate. We definitely belong to the second group. Every opportunity for celebrating love must be taken advantage of. :)

The feast of all in love

Moreover, if we explore the history of this holiday, where legend tells us about Roman priest Valentine, that was besides prohibition marrying young soldiers in love and was executed on February 14 for this reason, we must admit that there is something magical upon this day. :)

If you belong to those who are getting ready to celebrate St Valentine as well as us, try to prepare something extraordinary for your love. How about marriage proposal, gentlemen? Are you considering this important move? So why not make the best of feast of all in love? If you ask us, it is an ideal opportunity.

A marriage proposal

Order a table and a bouquet of red roses in a romantic restaurant, drop the wedding ring into a glass of champagne, kneel down in front of your soul mate and indulge in love afterwards. :)

And if you already share your life with the right one, you will surely please her with a beautiful jewel upon a dessert. :) How about earrings or necklace with a little heart?

We will happily help you with a choice of the best present and with making this year’s St Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

A earrings with a briliant heart 

A necklace with a lock and key with a zircon  The wedding ring Roxane FOX 14

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