The Goldsmith house

We operate in the field of jewelry for more than 20 years and we are still discovering new paths and technology. For we could create the top Czech jewelry, we opened our own Goldsmith house in Pilsen, where you can find every jewel from our brand FOX.

Our Goldsmith house is far and wide one of the best in its field. We are fascinated by jewels and the creation of original pieces, that are brought home by satisfied customers, is making us happy. We just as well understand that it can be hard for someone to cope with jewels and gems. That is why we care about you, our clients.

Zlatnický dům Plzeň

Petra Praumová, goldsmith and FOX designer, cooperates with customers throughout Europe. She can design distinctive jewels for you, and she will guide you through the whole creation.

You are our partners and we will help you with everything. We will design and create custom-made jewel and also help you with gold, silver, precious or semi-precious stone investment. You can rely on us on one hundred percent.

About the Goldsmith house

The Goldsmith house is located on the area of 1402 square meters, where we have created all jewelry since the year 2008. Not far from the center of Pilsen, on Roudná, we provide jewelry and investment services. We also go in for the service of jewels from the world-famous jewelry stores, such as Cartier, Dior, Hobe, Channel, Tiffany and more.

Pay a visit to the Goldsmith house
The visit of the Goldsmith house is a remarkable experience. You can see for example over 2 500 wedding rings that are exposed here or take a look at our private wine cellar in underground spaces, where we make the best wines for our clients.

Sklípek ve Zlatnickém domě v Plzni

The showroom and sample room of FOX jewels are both located in the ground floor. Especially guests from abroad appraise the possibility of investment jewels and coins creation. Coins with saint Bartholomew cathedral and dedication are popular as a gift as well as jewels or pendants with iconic red Czech garnet.

Showroom ve Zlatnickém domě v PlzniOur team, who is responsible for administration and management, resides on the first floor. We are happy that some employees are with us for already more than 10 years and we can rely on them.

Kanceláře ve Zlatnickém domě v plzni
Magic happens on the second floor of the Goldsmith house. Total of 6 goldsmith and 3 clockmakers are creating jewels and watches for you here. Every goldsmith has his own specialization as is engraving, faseting, casting, hand or machine jewelry work or chemical laboratory work.

However, goldsmiths couldn’t work without designs. That’s why there is a goldsmith atelier on the third and fourth floor, where design of individual FOX jewels originates. Petra Praumová establishes trends of the Czech market with her designs. The big inspiration for her are historical jewels, for example the Czech crown jewels.

Ateliér ve Zlatnickém domě v Plzni

In the rear of the Goldsmith house are located auxiliary workshops for alloying, melting, gilding and storage.

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