The value of a diamond is determined by several factors


Almost all diamonds contain minor imperfections – microscopic scratches or trace occurrence of other minerals. As “flawless” is considered such stone that doesn’t have any external or inner defect visible even when enlarged ten times. Absolutely flawless diamonds are incredibly rare, which is also reflected in their price.

Standardly, we use those diamonds:

čistota diamantu


Colorless diamonds are considered perfect. They are best in dividing the falling light and creating rainbow flashes, called fire. Most of natural diamonds contain coloring, which is caused by minor impurities inside the stone. Naturally colored diamonds are the only exception. Coloring is there desirable and their price is several times higher than the price of white diamonds.

Standardly, we use those diamonds:

barva diamantu


Quality of cut is one of the basic criterions, with which are diamonds rated by jewelers. The cut determines how the diamond will be reflecting light. The better the cut is, the more the diamond shines. A perfectly refined diamond is shining whole and we can above that observe rainbow flashes, which are caused by mutual reflecting of light by individual surfaces.


Weight of diamonds is given in carats (1 carat = 0,2 g). Two equally big diamonds can have significantly different price, if their qualities of clarity, color and cut differ. Smaller but superior stone can be more valuable than bigger diamond with significant defects. Smaller diamonds are found in nature much more often, because of that is the price of diamond of greater weight (and equal other parameters) several times higher.

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