Wedding budget

Wedding etiquette and all connected customs are evolving over the years. We can say that they are influenced not only with economic situation but with growing independence of women in today’s world as well. In present day the unspoken rule that the bride and the groom will both pay half of the money (or their parents and grandparents will) is mostly applied. There are however several variants and combinations. We will present you one of those:

A wedding bouquet

According to tradition, the bride’s family contributes on the wedding with the biggest part.
Before you start dealing with financial aspect at all, it is recommended to build an item schedule. It is a list that is utterly necessary for the wedding’s organization. Note down everything from ceremony payment (matrix payment) through wedding dress, decoration and music accompaniment to space lease and wedding reception. Afterwards you will have to consider what are you able to handle yourselves, where can your relatives and friends help and where you’ll have to ask an expert.

A wedding cake

Then it is appropriate to divide costs for example this way (after proper agreement):

The bride pays for:

- an accommodation,
- a small gift for bridesmaids.

The groom pays for:

- a bachelor evening party,
- engagement rings,
- his suit,
- wedding flowers and myrtles,
- payment for the wedding celebrant,
- a honeymoon.

The groom pays for a wedding rings

Bride’s parents pay for:

- a wedding reception, drinks,
- a wedding car (historical, luxury or horse-drawn carriage),
- photographs,
- a wedding gift for newlyweds,
- a cake,
- decoration of wedding room,
- wedding invitation cards and announcements,
- a wedding dress with complements.

A wedding table

Groom’s parents pay for:

- a wedding gift for newlyweds,
- music.

Best man and bridesmaids pay for:

- costs of wedding-guest transport,
- a wedding gift for newlyweds,
- doves.

Friends pay for:
A wedding gift for the groom and bride, which can be original: an album with money, a small concreted chest with coins and suitcase with a jackhammer. Always choose according to the style of bride and groom.

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