What does tradition and engagement ethics say

What does tradition and engagement ethics say or how to do it…

1. Fiancé should primarily muster up courage, buy a bouquet of cut flowers and an engagement ring with stones.

An engagement ring with a ruby, a flower

2. Prepare a place for woman salutation. Our clients mostly choose in advance reserved restaurants and the ring is brought by service, for example in the glass of champagne. It is no exception that climbers engage on K2, sailors on the sea, dog-lovers on agilities. It is important event in any case.

3. Don’t forget to kneel on one knee with words of love and marriage proposal.

A marriage proposal

4. A man ought to announce engagement in front of all family. For example in a restaurant, that he personally invites everyone to. Before that, however, he should have the father’s agreement.

5. Arrange a wedding within a year to the day.

A wedding day

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